There are few decisions more important to a new business than the lease.  Commercial leases normally represent the largest liability to the business.  Often, commercial landlords require personal guaranties from the owners of the company as well.  We work with a network of brokers and agents to make sure our clients are paying the right amount for the lease space and then, ensure there adequate protections in the lease to allow the client to recoup its significant investment in the business. We have extensive experience in warehouse, restaurant, convenience store, shopping mall and strip mall leasing from both the Landlord and Tenant perspective.  We have represented large national franchise tenants and some of the largest commercial landlords in Atlanta.

Case Study #1:  A client was accused of breaching it’s lease agreement for reasons other than money.  After repeated negotiations with the Landlord and their attorney, we were able to preserve the lease and resolve the matter without litigation and amended the lease to remove the possibility of the issue arising again in the future. 

Case Study #2: A client was presented with a commercial lease for a new retail establishment.  During negotiations, we were able to reduce the rent paid, increase the free rent period, install contractual safeguards to prevent premature termination of the lease, and, most importantly, reduce the period of time of the personal guaranty for the individual owners of the company Tenant.