Our experience in the creation and negotiation of contracts is vast and one of our strongest skill sets.  We regularly draft documents that are used for clients in their business and these contracts are customized to the business model of the client.  Over the years we have learned how to draft contracts that actually get signed by the other side and reflect the deal rather than try and “cram” the deal into a form contract that doesn’t accurately reflect the business model.

Case Study:  After completing litigation concerning breach of contract on the remodeling of a residence for a new client, we noticed several ommissions in the client’s standard contract (drafted by another attorney) which would have likely minimized or eliminated the litigation we just completed.  We reworked the contract to prevent the disputes that arose during the litigation and reduced the possibility of the technical breaches of the contract by the client.  For a relatively small fee, we prevented future litigation that would cost the client many thousands of dollars.