Intellectual property such as Trademarks represent some of the most overlooked assets that can be developed by new businesses.  We handle all aspects of trademark/servicemark work from review of proposed names for protectability, to registration, cancellation proceedings, ICANN Domain Dispute Resolutions and licensing.  On the Copyright side of things, we have registered copyright in software worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, musical compositions, literary works and other works.  Much of the transactional work for Trademarks and Copyright lend itself to flat fee agreements.

Case Study #1:  A client needed protection of a service mark (essentially the same as a Trademark, except its used in connection with the sale of Services rather than Goods) prior to the launch of their new project. We took proactive action to research the proposed mark and clear it for use, register the mark under an “Intent to Use” basis and finally, once interstate use began, registering the trademark on the principal registrater of the United States Patent & Trademark Office.